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Creating a Cohesive Brand Image: How We Produced a High-Impact Video Campaign for Fitness Pros

Getting started is the hardest part. The foundation matters more than most realize, and for us, that can amount to immense pressure to get things right.

At Myelin, we pride ourselves on telling long-term stories that resonate with our client's audiences. So when Fitness Pros (an online app for personal trainers and members) approached us to help launch their product, we knew that our focus would be on creating a cohesive brand image early. It's a heavy lift in most cases. Luckily, we had worked with Ryan the previous year to strengthen his gym FitOneFour, so we had a high degree of trust to start. That's always a big help as we had a common language, an understanding of the process, and knew what was at stake for getting this right.

To achieve alignment early, we started with our story workshop to understand his vision for the brand and use our framework to nail the details for smooth production. Our director Ross Theisen was a perfect fit for this project as he strongly emphasizes art direction and its impact on viewers. Unlike the usual story film with a talking head carrying us, we developed a powerful explainer with VO, meaning that our story would need to be driven by characters only. Additionally, taking the existing brand set into consideration, the warm tones of the website, and splashes of yellow and orange, we leaned towards warm, early morning lighting for all scenes. Finally, we created a props list to acquire in yellows and oranges to give physical pops of color, making this film feel intentional, on-brand, and natural vs. overproduced. Our team decided this color theory would create a cohesive visual identity for the brand, focusing on orange and yellow hues that would evoke energy, excitement, and enthusiasm.

Here's the thing, though. We are no strangers to art direction, but it takes two to work. Luckily it wasn't us singularly pushing this narrative, but Ryan worked alongside us with plenty of input and ideas. One thing we appreciate about our partners is they are involved in the process, share the excitement and that energy always elevates our projects. FitnessPros has been a passion project turned reality for Ryan, so getting the opportunity to support him in new ways has been very exciting for our relationship. With the foundation set, we could start building a workable plan.

Truthfully, this production came together fast and really smoothly. We shot the campaign at FitOneFour and Ryans's home to create variety and showcase how the app is used by trainers and its members. Ryan's home and physical gym gave us the perfect backdrop to showcase the app's features. One technical detail we pushed in this project was utilizing a gimble for production. Now not to make this a nerdy production talk, but this tool allows for smoother motion, and I felt this campaign needed a more pro-look than our usual docu-style approach. With that, it takes a team. From battery life, tech interferences, lens swapping, rebalancing, and slower-than-usual setups, these elements can defeat a team fast. With all of that, we faced no slowed rates. The workshop paid off in allowing us to work a simplified and intentional shot list, letting us work accurately, deal with any hurdles and not sweat the day, Truly felt like a dream production day. Many props to the whole Myelin team for navigating the day with ease.

In short, the day went super smoothly. It was due to the collaborative nature we get from Ryan, his team, and ours. Ryan was with us every step of the way, sharing feedback and excitement. The talent he brought in suffered through more than the usual in reps for each shot, and we all had a great time working together. Here's a behind-the-scenes from the project.

Into the nitty-gritty of deliverables, we produced the brand explainer film and social cut-downs; we also shot stills photography and product for social media to create a seamless brand experience across all channels. We were careful to make sure that the imagery we used was consistent with the visual identity we had established so that Fitness Pros would be instantly recognizable to its target audience.

For us, the result was a high-impact video campaign that helped Fitness Pros launch and create a solid and cohesive brand image that will help them stand out and meet their core audience. We're proud of the work we did on this project, and we're grateful to Ryan for his help and care in making it great. Below is the 60 Sec Spot we created.

This project was so rewarding for our team. By focusing on color theory and developing a strong art direction, we helped Fitness Pros establish a visual identity that will help them to connect with their target audience. We hope that our behind-the-scenes look at this project will inspire other businesses to think creatively about using video to tell their stories and build a strong brand.

Myelin Team

Ross Theisen | Art & Director
Josh Emerick | Producer, DP & Editor
Hunter Wurzelbacher | Stills Photographer
Luiz Bazan | AC
Trevor O'Neal | Lighting
Cameron Hanson | BTS Video

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