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Collaborating with Twirl Bridal: A Story of Heart and Human Connection

When we talk about stylized films that connect, Twirl may be at the top of the list. They get it. They have it. With that, we witnessed a story come to life with minimal effort. Collaboration rarely comes this easy.

At Myelin, we've had the pleasure of working with some fantastic clients, but our collaboration with Twirl Bridal stands out as a highlight of 2021. We knew we were in for a special project from the moment we connected with Laura, the owner of Twirl Bridal. As their content has been rolling out over the past few months, we wanted to highlight the project and process.

Laura had come across our sister brand, PRSRVE, and was drawn to the emotional and authentic storytelling approach we take with wedding videos. She felt that this approach aligned perfectly with Twirl Bridal's mission to create a self-love experience for their brides and wanted us to help bring that same emotional connection to their marketing efforts.

Funny enough, we had admired Twirl's social presence and message for a while too. Of course, knowing the wedding industry so well didn't hurt, either. This allowed us to engage in shared conversations, understand similar hurdles, and realize we had a lot of shared values around love and its meaning. These all kicked off our relationship and discovery call on an energizing foundation.

Twirl Bride | Brand Story Film

We started the project with a deep dive into Twirl Bridal's brand values and vision. Then, we explored what was working well for them on social media and their blog and identified areas where video content could help them reach a wider audience and better communicate their unique experience. This has become a core function of every project and partner we work with. For video to work, we need to understand where we can provide value to our partners and their audiences. A pretty video isn't enough. It must resonate on an emotional cord, invite the audience in, and express the story authentically.

With that, successful projects don't happen due to our creative genius. It's quite the opposite. We have used our story workshops to ask insightful questions, build trust and stimulate collaboration. Being learners has served us well. Who knows their business better? Us or Twirl. The answer is obvious. We understand story structure, strategy, and how to use emotion to craft said stories. So to kick things off, we worked with Laura, Sam, Ashley, and Jess to discover potential stories, values, and characters. This group effort did two things. First, it gave us a blueprint for the stories that would fit within production, and second, a plan for everyone to work. Getting the correct stories requires logistics. We never want to be gatekeepers. Instead, we understand that information is only powerful if all parties work together towards common goals. That's what we love about the story workshop.

Our Workshop Experience with Twirl

With our plan uncovered, we set into production. Over two days, our team worked closely with Twirl Bridal to capture their story through a brand story film, client testimonies, and over 60 micro-films for social media. A moment of honesty. When we created the proposal, budget, and deliverables, my team and I felt in over our heads. Sustainable marketing is vital for our partners and us, so over-delivering is crucial. It all seemed possible on paper, but we had never produced so much volume over a short period. We all had doubts but didn't want to let the Twirl team down. To our surprise, we exceeded our expectations, making this a powerful campaign for both parties. The key was managing the logistics while not compromising on the heart of their brand.

Bridal Testimonies to Articulate the Experience

During production, we all felt inspired by the Twirl team. It was amazing witnessing everyone speak the brand culture consistently and with heart. Throughout the process, we were struck by the genuine human connection Twirl Bridal creates with its clients. They genuinely care about empowering women and creating a memorable experience, and it was an honor to help them communicate that through video. Below is a fun behind-the-scenes of our production with team Twirl.

Ultimately, we delivered over 160 films, providing Twirl Bridal with over a year's worth of social marketing content. It was a considerable feat, but we were proud to help them achieve their goals and share their story with the world. We see so much potential and power in connecting with your audience before they ever enter your shop. Experience is easy in person, but for us to help craft a digital experience around impact feels gratifying.

Working with Twirl Bridal was more than just a project for us - it was a reminder of the power of human connection and the importance of staying true to your values. We're grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with such a fantastic brand, and we're excited to see how their video content helps them continue to grow and succeed.

Myelin Team

Ross Theisen | Director

Josh Emerick | Producer, DP & Sr Editor

Noah Hines | Camera Operator & Swing

William Fairbanks | BTS & Production Support

Brandon Streeter | Jr Editor

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