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Are You Ready for a Brand Film?

Brand films are powerful, and their trend and uptick keep rising, but are you ready for this, and is it the best fit?

Brand films share mission, purpose, values, and legacy super well, making them an obvious choice for companies looking to build awareness, highlight process, team, or potential. These tend to be fairly evergreen, sometimes never needing updated or doing so every 3-5 years, making the ROI powerful. So why wouldn't you want this?

9 out of 10 brands we meet with need these, but occasionally we come across a brand that's too early on but want so badly to dive in deep on a brand film. Why would we push back?

Before you go all in on a brand film, we like to ask about where your efforts and growth points are. Newer brands spend much of their time serving clients great experiences and are doing the work. This is great, but when we ask them to zoom out and express more details on purpose and mission, it usually is shallow and focused on getting new clients or doing good work. This lack of reason doesn't convert well into a powerful, connective story.

Now before you call me a debbie-downer, let me remind you that if this is you, it's ok. We want to produce and see brand films produced for brands that are ready because it will be significantly more successful if it's thought of at the right time. Furthermore, the why may be there and just needs uncovering.

Part of our job is this uncovering of story. We typically do this through a workshop where we gift our brands an opportunity to zoom out and think big picture about their brand and its purpose and collect stories, characters, and actions. This process is how we arrive at a brand film that connects. It also helps us all gather clarity on who the audience is, how the film can be used, and truly get that ROI over a 3-5 year period (if not longer).

MYELIN: Workshops to Improve Videos ROI

Maybe a brand film is for you?

What does a brand film do best? Brand films build awareness, empower your audience, and can even strengthen partnerships. When we dive into a brand film, we like starting from the end and asking what's currently working. Highlighting strengths and building upon them is powerful. Additionally, we like knowing what brands are up against. Maybe their biggest obstacle is hiring the right people. A brand film can help this but honestly isn't as powerful as a recruitment film. Serving needs right matters, and while a recruitment film isn't as sexy, its function serves the partnership better and longer.

Below is a brand film we produced for Stance Design Co. This film dives deep into the origin, passion, philosophy, and what every purchase means to Tyler. As stance continues to grow, this film and its deliverables will help support attracting the right clients, expressing his care for the craft, and reducing hesitation in hiring Tyler.

Stance is in the midst of brand building, and this next phase will hinge on growing smoother and creating alignment, creating momentum.

Stance Design Co | A Labor of Love

Brand films hit on one of our four key focuses: Awareness. We have fallen in love with producing these emotional, powerful, and connective stories for our partners. They can take many forms, but at their core, they share a valuable brand story for an audience who needs to learn more.

Key Takeaways

  • Are you Ready for a Brand film

  • Workshops to Discovery your Story

  • Brand Films Support Awareness

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