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You Got Questions. We Got Answers.

Take a deep dive into our frequently asked questions. You aren't the only one asking!

  • How much for a video?
    In short projects vary depending on so many variables. we strongly encourage all potential inquiries to reach out and schedule a call to discuss details as this is the first step of every project and helps us ensure the best quality deliverables. Below you can watch a more in depth video!
  • Do you have Starter Projects? What do those look like?
    We're huge advocates for starting small and think it builds long-term momentum. Video is a big jump in execution and starting small also creates comfort for teams and companies taking baby steps before big jumps. We have a variety of more affordable and easier project types to kick start video marketing efforts. Watch the below video for more info Learn more here:
  • What does it mean to be a Creative Partner?
    We view each project as an opportunity to strengthen relationships vs add to our reel. Serving great experiences starts with a foundation in relationship which is why we value a partnership over a project. Below you can watch a more in depth video!
  • When to reach out for a Project?
    We love having the time to plan a great project. Additionally we view projects as collaborative and like to invite in feedback and make sure we're all on the same page. This saves time and money and moves us towards being a more sustainable partner. Below you can watch a more in depth video!
  • Do we have Project Minimums?
    We have targets like any business, but especially with new clients we value starting small and developing the relationship over a few projects before we increase the stakes with more money. If we build a strong foundation and develop systems to working better together we can tackle the bigger projects with more grace and insurance of success. Below you can watch a more in depth video!
  • What Kind of Videos do you Make?
    We have our sweet spot and that tends to be in what we call emotional storytelling. We have a whole process for discovering stories, characters and actions to creates a strong emotional connection and influences audiences. In general it's a lot of talking head, real stories featuring transformation and connecting several films together to build our partners brand long-term. Below you can watch a more in depth video!
  • What's Included in Deliverables
    This varies project to project, the depth of campaign and the problems we are solving, but in general we deliver a lot and that's the sweet spot for helping our partners become more sustainable and confident in marketing and telling their story. This approach helps make social media and email marketing more creative and enjoyable as well as profitable. Below you can watch a more in depth video!
  • What Industries do you Work With?
    Our strong points are any industry that have a focus on service, client stories and using video through human stories to connect. We favor the fitness and health space, along with wedding industries and blue collar service based companies. We all have varied background in these areas so we understand them well. With our format being more docu-style and human driven our process plays a bigger role in being a good partner than industry. Below you can watch a more in depth video!
  • Are you Exclusive to Ohio?
    In short no. We travel and make projects happen out of state through our network and years of production experience, but we start each project with a discovery call to cover many details and work through pre-production to determine what's the best story to tell, how it gets told and keep budget in mind. These bridges get covered in those early meetings. Below you can watch a more in depth video!
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