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Story Takes Responsibility: Myelin

Who are we?

Myelin has taken its time landing on who we are, what we do, and why we exist.

We preach story. We support partners. We love storytelling. We see the pain in brands that are overwhelmed.

We aren't the hero of the story; instead, we guide our partners to be the hero. When a brand comes to us, we've done our job, opens up, and lets us support them in their journey to owning their story, fusing that into production, and collaborating to make marketing a little less stressful.

Myelin came to us fairly organically. We dove into a book, The Talent code, and they discuss the white matter in our brains (Myelin), and its relevance to developing talent. Myelin is this beautiful material that insulates neurotransmitters that fire off. The more we practice, the stronger we myelinate these systems. We see storytelling very similarly.

Brands that react to storytelling and only jump at trends vs. understanding fail in the long term. We help brands discover themselves and apply their story to various efforts making stories more insulated, strong, and effective. We myelinate our partners through our process.

MYELIN: Story Takes Responsibility

We've been hard at work finding the right partners, solving their problems, and designing more and more effective video campaigns. We've finally landed on some ground we feel confident.

We take each project and partner seriously with our mantra, "Story Takes Responsibility."

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