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Starting Small with Video: The Power of Baby Steps and Long-Term Storytelling

Money isn't the main cost behind a video project; it's time.

You can't afford to get this wrong for long. Over the years, we've heard horror stories around video projects, and it breaks our hearts. Companies give it a shot, but it misses the mark, and worse, it's a cost, not an investment.

How do we remove the risk for brands entering into video?

Video is powerful, connective, and can be a difference-maker in marketing, but it's often viewed as high risk and reward. It doesn't have to be this way. You can ease into it and do so intelligently.

We start small.

With video getting all the hype these days, we're excited, but there's an issue. Video isn't the key. It's "trends" most are pointing to, like reels and TikTok's, with a focus on virality, not value. A great video shares value and highlights a part of your brand's story. This thinking is short-sighted, and once an algorithm or platform pops up, all the momentum gets stolen. Brands must turn the volume up on their uniqueness, educate the audience, and give.

Think Crawl, walk, run.

We see video as a long game. It takes time to figure out what resonates and gain comfort in your voice. Rather than swinging big on a highly stylized campaign, we advise shifting towards what's working and creating smaller tools that help a brand. Big projects can be great, but they feel more like a gamble without a strong foundation.

Starting small is wise for both parties. Small wins create confidence and clarity from one project to the next. This ultimately starts saving money due to accuracy and efficiency. Both parties are protected, and it pays off long-term. A big battle we are trying to fight is making brands more proactive in their video marketing. Our relationship's first focus lets us work towards this goal.

When we start small, the stress is low, the likelihood of success is higher, and we lower the risk of stepping into video marketing (especially if you're brand new). We want your success because we can build upon each phase of video marketing. The messages and objectives become more evident, and project spending is sustainable. In this cycle of success, we can raise the stakes incrementally project after project.

Helping our clients realize this and experience early wins and trust in video has empowered our team. What we love about storytelling is learning that each piece of content supports a brand's overall story. It can be a massive campaign focused on a 30-second Ad, a simple FAQ video, or our favorite, a powerful brand story film. They all work together to create a diverse digital diet for your audience, open new doors, and move the needle of your business forward if done correctly.

Here are a few ways to start small.

We have a variety of ways, from Bio Films, b-roll only, Microfilms, and Client Testimonies. These projects are low-cost, future-proof, and test friction points between parties. If things go smoothly, we can move into more challenging projects or high-volume content campaigns (our secret sauce for clients).

Key Points

  • Time Over Money: In video projects, time is often a more significant cost factor than money. Focusing on efficient processes and minimizing risks is crucial.

  • Start Small, Build Confidence: Embarking on video marketing with small projects helps build confidence and clarity, ultimately leading to success in larger endeavors.

  • Value > Trends: Instead of chasing fleeting video trends like virality-focused content, prioritize creating value and telling your brand's unique story.

  • Crawl, Walk, Run: Approach video marketing as a long game. Begin with what works, refine your strategies, and gradually scale up, avoiding gamble-like situations.

  • Foundation for Success: Starting small lowers stress and risk and leads to long-term savings and sustainable project spending, benefiting clients and video producers.

In this episode of the podcast, we dive into our method for creating more accuracy for new clients, stressing the need to understand a project's objective, audience, and utility before diving into the production side.

Ultimately, we want the right partners over just another project. This working model has helped us support our clients, stay goal-focused, and build mutual trust. Storytelling is a team sport. We strongly advocate to build a foundation before raising the stakes.

For those not quite ready, we've also created a free Storytelling Starter Kit: Our 3-Layers to Storytelling Training.


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