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Saving Brands Money with Workshops

Simply put, storytelling can't be hired away (effectively).

We believe discovering the story is about finding the elements that pull on the heartstrings of your audience. This is done collaboratively.

With a few years as video professionals, we've learned that different projects need differing levels of attention. We may have the occasional one-off project that explores video, and it's ok, but when a brand decides to take their marketing more seriously, we have to slow things down before they can truly speed up.

A good story doesn't just happen. We ensure the best results when we workshop.

So what happens in a workshop, and why spend the time and money?

In our Story Workshop, we spend time aligning stories, finding the characters, and deciding on actions. We book these before larger volume campaigns to ensure all our ducks are in a row before we press record and start spending dollars fast. This preemptive approach ensures our client's money goes as far as possible and in the right direction. It also creates buy-in and sign-offs for the project, so we all have the clarity we need to invest with traction.

The Story Workshop

  • Stories & Overviews

  • Mission, Purpose & Core Values

  • Characters

  • Actions

  • Story Mapping

  • Deliverables

  • Logistics

  • Scheduling

MYELIN: Why You Need a Workshop?

Who is the workshop for? We love our workshop process because it acts as a layer of security. Video costs can stack up, and typically a campaign can average between 20K-100K with us. With that, we want accuracy and seamless production. Anytime we have a project that has a budget of 10K, and over we advise to start with a workshop.

Outside of the obvious points above, these workshops are $2000 and fully refundable if our clients don't find them valuable (we have yet to have a client not find these valuable). At the end of our workshop, we provide a proposal that maps the project out and gives them 2-3 ways to invest and move forward or to take our concept and hire another video production company. If they decide to move forward with us, then the $2000 credits towards their project!

Ultimately these workshops let our partners take some time to work on the business, zoom out and think big picture, and work alongside our team to design more effective videos and at a fraction of the cost.

MYELIN x Twirl Bridal | Workshops to Discover Brand Stories

Workshops have been a great way for us to earn trust, create a collaborative culture, and help our clients feel more confident in video marketing.

Key Takeaways

  • Workshops are about Collaborating

  • Save Money Long-term

  • Spend Less Upfront to Save Long-term

  • Workshopping creates Accuracy

Looking for a Creative partner? Thinking about a Workshop?


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