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Building an Authentic Client Relationship

Believe it or not, we don’t want every bit of work that comes our way.

This is because is a brand that is focused on trusting relationships, there’s more to our “do we want the client” criteria than just budget and timeline.

More than creating visual storytelling assets and marketing materials, what we speak about doing all the time, is building authentic, long-lasting relationships with those around us.

It’s the honest truth.

We’ve had to have those awkward “break up” conversations with clients and team members alike in the past, if our values don’t align, and this is how we lead things here in the Myelin camp.

Now, that’s NOT saying we run things under “our way or the highway” but more so, there needs to be a solid clarity amongst every party involved in whatever it is we’re doing, with the goals at hand.

MYELIN: Service-Based Industries, Our People

If we said yes to a client with a high budget who wanted us to shoot a commercial for them, but didn’t know that they’re goal for the commercial was that they wanted it to be the best visual piece ever made and to gain them 1 million views and sales, and wanted 100 actors and 100 locations + CGI with a $5K budget….that..would be an issue.

Why? Because we can’t promise that.

Now, to be honest, I do think it’s a trend amongst many in the world of creative agency, to over-promise and under-deliver. To say yes first and ask questions later to actually find out the scope of the job.

While it could cost our second-quarter earnings, we’d rather be truthful with someone that we can’t deliver on what they asked, than say yes and cause further problems.

We believe that the creative business world needs a lot more honesty in it. A lot more real storytelling or wonderful visuals that builds the client’s aura, rather than just lining the agencie’s pockets.

This is why, most often, we go through a detailed vetting system in really getting to know our clients and their needs before agreeing to things.

We need to know not only if we can provide what they’re asking for creatively, but do we actually align as people.

We want to get to know who we’re working with, and not just be the thing they’re throwing money at to solve this week’s marketing issue that just popped up.

We want to know if a flashy commercial is really what you need, or if a story film is more of the way to go, to tell your customers a story they haven’t heard yet about your company.

We’re open to starting slow/small with a “starter” project that gets our foot in the door and allows us each to test the waters with one another, rather than yanking the stack of cash out of your hand to create a year’s worth of content first thing.

Is there a place and time for that? Totally. It can always work out that way, but we want to be truthful and really get to the bottom of whether or not you NEED that right away.

Just as much as we need to sell our talent and services to you, we want to make sure we’re sold on YOU.

It’s been said many times, every good relationship is built around one fundamental thing…trust. It has to be there.

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