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Viman (pronounced Vi-mahn) is a Columbus, Ohio based Video Production company + Creative Agency hybrid, blending our two strengths together under one wing.

Landing at a decade of experience in the video production world between the two, our team is lead by Ross Theisen (Creative Director) and Josh Emerick (Producer + DP). Often working as a Director/DP tandem, we’ve had our fair share of experiences on both the business side of the creative world, as well as in the trenches getting our hands dirty with production, and that, has led us to this.

This partnership has developed a specific balance in the way we work, aiming to seamlessly blend the world of creative and business strategy together.

While navigating these airways for years, we’ve always had a focus on building authentic relationships with clients, thus building more authentic projects.

Being completely transparent, we’ve noticed often a lack of the aforementioned “relationship” portion when it comes to the world of agency. There’s always seemingly a disconnect between agency and client, or agency and production team. This, is a gap we want to be the bridge between.

At VIMAN, we aim to use our uniqueness to our advantage, of not only knowing how to come up with cool ideas, but knowing how to properly execute them too, with a real strategy in mind. We could fill this section with a ton of buzzwords, but just getting to the point, we’re a company that wants to build trusting relationships with anyone we come in contact with, in whatever capacity. From freelancers on our production end, to brand partnerships and clients alike.

How does this all play into what exactly we do? Well, a few ways.

The first half of VIMAN is a Creative Agency who can work direct to client in-house, planning and executing each aspect of a strategy from the top down. Coming up with the ideas, finding the WHY within the idea and the mission of it all, then planning + executing in the realm of production. This being led by a decade of creative problem solving skills acquired.

The second half, is working as a Production Team, aimed at bringing your ideas to life. In this realm, it allows us to still spice things up from our end, but mainly see our partner’s vision through. This lets us put our cap of video professionals on and focus energy on producing ideas already set in place. We want to leave this door open to partnerships with other brands, agencies, Directors/DP’s, CMO’s + more.

To put it in a slightly playful way, we want VIMAN to be a revolving door of creativity. Whether it’s our own personal clients, ideas and projects we’re leading brand development for, or being the hired production team to see someone else’s already-in-motion idea across the visual finish line, we want VIMAN to be there.

What this all stems from are years of being not only production leaders, but creative strategisers, and wanting to see that field be handled differently. We know how to ideate, but we know how to strategize and execute more than anything. That’s what we saw lacking, so we put on a nice shade a blue, decided to take to the skies and get to work.

So, are we a production house? Brand Developers? A production team? People with cameras? A creative agency? A branding agency?

Well, to sum it up….we’re VIMAN.


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