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Three Tiers to More Confident Marketing

Many brands know they need to be "marketing" but avoid it. Why?

Marketing can be intimidating, and there are more and more ways to do this these days. That's great because it means you can get your message out there diversely, but it creates information overload with no action.

In this article, we wanted to share our marketing viewpoints and more evergreen approach to marketing. We have three layers to consider; Consistency, Intention & Voice.

Before we dig into these wanted to give some perspective and definition. Theres a difference between marketing and advertising. Marketing is what we call storytelling, and while this can be paid, it's truly about creating and sharing some story that advances the message and mission of your brand (Awareness). Advertising is about targeting and distributing and has a strong CTA (Conversion).

When we work with new brands, we spend time doing three things. Collecting stories, discovering characters and actions. Brands have so many touch points from customers, partners, heroes, leaders, team members, and processes that all help to strengthen brand awareness, reputation, team alignment, and education. This all equates to storytelling, and the more clarity we bring to a brand, the more creative they can be with video and how it connects to the right audience.

So how do we help brands take more control of their storytelling?

MYELIN: Batch Producing for Consistency

Consistency - The Social Proof

This word gets thrown around all the time. We love it, but we like to define it to understand how to use consistency to support marketing.

In one way, it's about feeding your audience. Sharing your stories and content is important to stay consistent. Is this content looking similar? Are we matching lighting, energy, emotion, color, and so on? These all play a role in being consistent. Another area that's even more important is context. Beyond creating content, we have to ensure messaging matches the tone in which copy shows up is on-brand. These all play a big role in reaching the right audience and making them have an emotional connection you desire.

Consistency is great to think about in setting goals and deliverables for a project but can't fully be integrated until we understand the intention.

Intention - The Heart of Your Story

We believe strongly in emotional storytelling. This doesn't mean you have to cry watching a piece of content. It just means your story should connect further than facts or specs and dive deeper into the emotional needs of your audience.

Great video hits on three notes to serve the audience well; facts, fun, and feelings. Facts are often where brands start, and it serves the logical brain; however, most people choose a product or service because it will relieve some sort of pain or problem or make them feel better about themselves, hence where emotional storytelling takes hold.

We often design intention into our work and help our brands understand what their service does and how their experience creates transformation in the end users. These stories are powerful and a great indicator of where marketing should be focused. Storytelling that evokes a response like this connects to your audience and draws them in from cold to warm and eventually hot because you have empathized and shown authority making for effective marketing.

Voice - Who you Are

At the top, we have a voice. This appeals to your likeness and how people perceive your brand. This evolves over time but usually has a few core pieces that stay the same season after season. This is where we need to start before we can map content with intention and then play it consistently.

What mission and purpose does your brand have? How does your brand make an impact? Who is transformed by your brand? Why do you exist? These questions are all important to ask and answer before you start making any marketing efforts.

When you know this information, clarity is revealed in why you should produce content, who that content is for, how they should feel experiencing it, and how it may connect and eventually convert your audience. Voice takes time and focus but leads right into intention and consistency.

MYELIN: Emotional Storytelling's ROI

The truth is marketing can be overwhelming. Every week there's a new trend, platform, or idea that's shaking the industry up, but effective marketing is in storytelling. The best brands know who they are and the impact they make and design stories around this. It's authentic and connective, but it takes work.

Do the work. Uncover your stories, characters, and actions. Market that. The platforms and trends are all way down the list.

Key Takeaways

  • Marketing is Storytelling

  • Consistency is Key

  • Audiences Connect to Emotion

  • Your Voice Informs all Decisions

  • Your brand has Stories, Characters & Actions

  • stop Following the Trends First

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