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Partnerships over Projects

We didn't start this video production company to make videos. Seriously...

Videos are the product, but they aren't the solution we aim to solve. We want to guide brands to better storytelling practices and create confidence in those efforts. When we get involved, collaborate, and strengthen these muscles, we're serving our long-term goals (and theirs).

With that, we've landed on creative partnerships.

In this industry, you get boxed in as a video production company, videographer or agency easily. We don't love those labels as they don't express how we work best and the value we provide.

In all our differing years as video production owners, the thing that's been consistent is our love for building relationships with our clients. Here we feel like we can ask the hard questions and deliver on our values of honesty, curiosity, and support. We like knowing the stakes of projects and sharing the risks. This gives both parties buy-in, and when we win, everyone wins.

Simply put, projects feel like chasing a transaction, but partnership lets us share in all aspects and build together.

MYELIN: What it Means to be a Creative Partner

In theory, this sounds honorable and grounded, but in practice, it takes work and humility. The truth is video doesn't always work. Upfront, there's a lot of doubt and questioning. This can be frustrating, but a partner isn't there to be right. We're here to listen, learn, adapt, challenge, protect, serve and guide our partners through seemingly overwhelming, stressful, and costly waters.

When we bring a new partner into the mix, we share concerns, address hesitations, educate and discover who they are. We get vulnerable and help them understand a bit about how we do what we do and what we expect of them.

Once we get over the early hurdles things, level out and start building momentum. We hope that our partners start to realize the potential of video and storytelling, see new ways to share their stories, feel empowered, and become more sustainable and short from reactionary project requests to proactive campaign thinking.

We love sharing in the wins, strategizing together, and getting excited about what's next.

MYELIN x BrewDog: Creative Partnership Highlight

Video is a large investment, but the pay-off is huge if you take the time to find the right people to work with, trust, and share in storytelling efforts. We cut our teeth on relationship building and serving these experiences.

Key Takeaways

  • Partnerships are Greater than Projects

  • Partnerships are Honest, Curious & Supportive

  • Partnerships are Proactive

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