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Columbus Isn't Silent | Columbus Speaks

If there’s one thing we really want to do at VIMAN, it’s immerse ourselves far more into the growing creative and business community here in Columbus. Luckily for us, a recent project allowed us to craft a film for the community both here in town, and at large, with this story film for local advocacy group, Columbus Speaks.

The plan was to not only help CS tell their story of why they recently formed, but to also showcase the community-driven-focus that they’re pushing for. We knew a story film was exactly what was needed to officially present themselves visually for the first time.

CS is relatively new here in Columbus, but with both Co-Founders, Emily & Tyler Phillips being deeply connected with their local Columbus community, we wanted to capitalize on that and let their passion for their community shine through in the form of video.

This was the first piece of its kind for CS, as until this project, they existed on social via graphics and the initial non-profit/charity shirt launch in support of 2020’s BlackLivesMatter movement. We wanted to help build on the passionate voice they put in place already and showcase the motives of the brand as a whole, finally putting faces to the voices, and shining light on the overall goal of the movement.

This included a simple production featuring some of our favorite simplistic styles to produce. Talking head interviews featuring Ty and Emily speaking on their reasoning and goals, accompanied by planned B-Roll showcasing their BLM apparel, worn by those close to them, in the from of diverse community advocates from around Columbus.

In a production sense, we didn’t go overly flashy here, as we wanted the story of the brand itself to be front and center, while directly showcase simple visuals to support the “togetherness” being spoke on. Pulling this off during a pandemic was a bit of a challenge, but we’d become accustom that this point and we shot both founders interviews separately with the advocate shots, all being singular shots, using the editing to showcase how everyone comes together.

It felt truly special to help, even in a small way at the start, to play a part in this movement, for not only Columbus Speaks, but the movement and any like them at large. We got to help showcase what CS was speaking up for in current-time, but also wanted to make a film that let their future goals and plans shine through. That of being an advocacy group who will help speak up for ANY voices not being heard at the time, and shed light on the issues or growth-both, when needed.

We feel we’ve formed a wonderful relationship with CS and truly couldn’t align more on overall values and goals of the impacts we want to leave on not only the community, but hopefully world at large. Journeys or goals like this always start with a single step, and if some people with cameras can help bring a heavier impact to those steps or broaden the voice of the voiceless, then we’re 100% ready to be those people.

Enjoy the film below and stay up to date with Columbus Speaks and all their efforts. It's always a pleasure starting projects like these with a foundation and focus to core values and mission. These feel timeless and are educational for us to all grow together, project to project.


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