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Like building a friendship, invite your audience to experience you in a transparent, personal way. Outside of showing casing expertise, story-base experiences, and value, video podcasting gives you a runway of long and short-form content, fueling trust-based marketing plans.


Podcasts fail as fast as they start. Start with a plan.
Get clear, with a plan from strategy to technical.

Strategy Session

Show Vision & Episode Map

Release & Production Plan

Credits Toward Project



"Myelin allowed me to think of video as more than just another string to the bow. It became a tool to tell a story about our brand. I was always scared of video because I didn't think we had the tools. We always shied away in the past as video seemed like a big, scary task. Myelin made it super easy from end to end, and honestly, it just started with a conversation that was invaluable for us."

Emma Sears

BrewDog Creative Director

"During our conversation, Ross and Josh asked probing questions to understand our business and goals better. As a result, we all left with a clear comprehension of what we aimed to achieve. The excitement about what you could offer us grew, which was a significant shift for me. I genuinely believed that this partnership would be fantastic."

Brian Walsh

Crossfit Gahanna

"They know who we are; they know our craft. I really appreciated that the most. This was a team effort that brought a lot of value. We came up with some great ideas on how it can relate better to our bright new employees. It was really cool to help grow what we already do. I loved that they gave direction and tapped into your emotional feelings about your business. That relates to Josh and Ross's style of letting people know what's so special about our business."

Laura Wingfield

Twirl Bridal


We work to create a partnership over being a vendor.

We want a stake in our partner's success project to project.

Our emphasis on storytelling is in long-term, consistent video that interconnects and strengthens our partners.


This helps us build a more sustainable partner and leads to our win-win-win scenario goals.

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