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LRG | The Insurance Pros 

We had a killer time crafting this project and are excited to wrap the final details up and get to release. Thank you for making the process effortless, fun, and taking our time and energy seriously. We hope the experience has been the same on your end.


This page is in place to view the films, download the project contents, and keep it in one easy-to-reference place. We will be uploading and adding links to files as we pull assets, and they will land here.


Below we have links to DropBox folders for all the files, as they become available

Of the files, there are the films,  stills from the video, and GIFs. 


Further instructions are below each link.

LRG | The experience pros [120-Sec]

LRG | here for community [30-Sec]

LRG | The insurance pros [120 Sec]

lgr deliverables

This folder has EVERYTHING in it, but we wanted to include separate links for

easier access to what you need directly.


film Files

There are two files each here. The one labeled MASTER is a pro-res version best suited for YouTube upload.

It's the lowest compression and highest quality. The other version, HQ, is optimized for Facebook direct uploads. It is pre-compressed, loads smoothest, and maintains quality through 

Facebook's compression. 


b-roll pulled from the film for single-use or design.



Here are stills pulled from the video. Simple and useful for design and an extra layer of content.

viman thanks  

Every project we craft is a new chance to build a relationship. Project by project we strive to earn trust, add value and earn repeat business. In hiring us you've helped grow a small business, created jobs for freelancers, and shaped new skillsets. Our focus is to create the best work possible, add to the brand's stories and make the process as smooth as possible.


Josh Emerick | Producer + DP + Editor

Ross Theisen | Creative Director

Luis Bazan | Cam Op

Drew Hiles | Audio, Assistant + Drone Op

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