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Prepared by

Josh Emerick & Ross Theisen

Expires: June 28th, 2024


Brian & CFG Team,

Our main objective is to deliver a project that hits goals, creates connections, and gives you more confidence in marketing. At Myelin, the relationship is everything. As much as we want this project to be beautiful, we want to earn trust and form a long-term partnership.

Below, you will see your creative brief and 3 options for making the project possible. We look forward to serving you and giving you a great experience.


This round, we want to build upon the past. The main things are fixing the leaky bucket, giving the team more confidence, building systems, and turning the website into a more powerful tool for all.

CFG has a powerful culture focused on more than muscles. You care about the whole person, including family and friends, and focus on making people better. Last time, we highlighted the coaches and members through thought leadership and testimony to align the brand and build trust. Now, we want to make sure the people we attract are being proactively served.

This proposal covers a mixture of Informative video, systems, and websites that will enable us to go from defensive to proactive, give more confidence to the team and separate roles and responsibilities, and help CFG as it's going through this phase of growth. Beyond tools and deliverables, our intention is to keep it human and personal, giving new leads and customers the unfair advantage of meeting the team first and helping them walk through the doors with less hesitation and keep coming back.


We are gifting significantly in the Signature and Curated tiers for one main reason. CFG is in one of our care areas of focus (holistic health) meaning we see this as an investment to attract more clients with similar values in this lane. Not getting bigger but self-love, taking care of oneself and how that creates better people and better communities. We are here to help and make an impact, as this project aligns closely with where we're trying to go with Myelin and that's why we have so many freebies and discounts associated.

Let's build together.



A more curated experience and ongoing work as we make tweaks and can quickly jump in to make adjustments as we go and consult together.

Video | Web | Systems | Consulting


This is more stripped and focused on getting the core videos for systems and a website in place without ongoing meetings. Ideally another project down the line once you collect more data.

Video | Web


This is just nailing down videos for existing systems to humanize a bit more.



Let's learn more about what we can do for you.


With the expansion and new building on the horizon and needing new members, the biggest pain will be watching things slip through the cracks, losing potential sales, and ultimately hurting the existing member's experience as we play defense. We want this process to be done with your approach and collaboration. As we learn more, tweaks will need to be made. We want to fix the leaky bucket by keeping it human, gathering feedback, sharing ideas and turning them into action.

Ideally, this forces everyone on the team to go beyond being great at what they do to becoming more of a leader and finding zones of expertise. Our goal is to do our thing well while enabling everyone to see these actions as useful and DIY-based, too. It's about connection and creating a valuable experience for the members to future-proof CFG as it grows.

Below is a highlight of what each thing does to create these outcomes.


Here, the Myelin and CFG teams come together for ideas around what's working, what isn't, what we change, and who can handle each thing. This will shape systems, videos, and websites and ensure everyone has bought into the project. A good website and video system should enable everyone to support the brand better.


In short, these will be simple talking head videos to populate the website, email automation, social media, and other needs. The current website is information-heavy and personality-light. We all know the special sauce of CFG is the people there. The website doesn't match. Additionally, with new leads, we need to vet smarter and faster and deliver wins. Videos should go deeper, be personal, deliver value, and have that message come from the right person. This should decrease no-shows, create more comfort walking in the doors, differentiate CFG, and educate them on what to expect.

It's important to be creative and put ourselves in the potential member's shoes and think about what might be holding them back and what CFG does better than the rest. Help them make the decision confidently. Make them the experts on your brand.


We will take what's there and merge it with Wix for a collaborative and easy-to-use experience. We can invite collaborators so CFG maintains control and updating capabilities. Our main focus will be matching the brand, getting clear on copywriting, reducing copy to the essentials, bringing more video that speaks to potential customers, and making it a tool to enhance the experience of new or existing members. 

We will take an iceberg approach, meaning that on the surface, people will see the essentials, and below the surface will be hidden resources. This will help declutter the site, present the best self, and walk people through a clearer step-by-step system. Ideally, this also helps with testimonies and referrals and creates new ideas where the site can work for you, less leaky.


We reference a YT video that shows how a gym used podcasting and interviewing members to highlight their story and transformation, and that was then used with new leads to send similar stories to new members. This will be a gift for us to test out and give more purpose to learning about the leads so you can send the right videos to each, ideally helping them feel more secure in staying signed up and increasing member retention.




How we do what we do & the values we live by




What's next...


Take some time to review and gather questions for your proposal. We will discuss on the call and see which direction makes the most sense.

After the contract, we officially enter pre-production, setting all the logistics into action.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns. We are eager to build something special!

BD - Can



Myelin is honored to work with developing brands, serve great experiences,

and make ideas possible.

In working with us, you grow our small business,

continue our operations, provide freelancers jobs, help serve our vendors,

and allow our footprint on your brand's journey.

We love our work, appreciate the clients who trust us and want to keep moving this business onward.

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