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AF's Backdoor Approach to Storytelling 

Storytelling can be fun, diverse, and creative if done right. AF has a specific objective in streamlining their new partner acquisition but also wanted something with more longevity. This campaign revolved around a handful of videos to support these objectives. The main focus was reputation marketing through partner testimonies and a more streamlined approach through an explainer film covering an overview, installation, and all the details between bringing Aunt Flow into their ecosystem.

These films all work together to earn trust, answer questions, create clarity, and strengthen their position with their high-level values. In addition, we added flare by embedding an AF Ambassador to keep the brand upbeat and fun.

All of these tools work in a less forward approach and work by taking the viewer on a journey through other affiliates to arrive at the AF brand with the client's experience, deciding mechanisms, and this adds up to a more powerful marketing tactic in building needed trust to bring AF into a new businesses model, ultimately removing a lot of resistance and hesitation.

Tactical Approach

This campaign was produced in partnership with Serif Creative. Serif was the direct partner with AF, and we came to simplify the production process and iron out details with the versatile campaign, ranging from on-location challenges to more technical needs in the studio for the product and explainer portions that create this holistic catalog of videos. 

We wanted to create a more human approach with the client testimonies in COSI, Land Grant, and Roosevelt, with a little stylistic flare, by adding the complimentary AF color pop backdrops. This did manage to be tricky, with only one day scoped to capture three separate testimonies, but the AF team supported us by gathering great partners to interview and gave us guided direction on whom the stories made more sense, creating a very streamlined interview approach and more powerful stories.

The studio portion was more technical in image capture and gave our talent the room to explore personality, quirks, and flow in the copy. We utilized a high-key, wide footprint in lighting to reduce changes and let talent, styling, and product. This lets us cover ground and gather strong performances.

Stories with Heart

AF stands out as a favorite for its powerful mission, but this became clearer as we interviewed partners, learned more about the data, and realized this story stretches beyond a few videos to help sales and is more about creating a cultural change through education. 

Projects where marketing plays a larger role than making pretty images fill us up and keep us excited about the craft. We're grateful to support Serif as a Production partner but have fallen in love with the AF brand along the way, making this an ideal project. Great brand, empowering story, amazing team & matching deliverables.

Aunt Flow | Product Film [Technical Explainer]

Product Videography 01

Product Videography 02


AF | Collected Testimony

Full Story Compilation

AF x Roosevelt Coffee

Client Testimony

AF x Land Grant Brewing

Client Testimony


Client Testimony


Shot on RED Scarlet W + Roki Glass
KinoFlo Gaffer Kit
Aputure 300x + D Kits
Aputure 600D
Mavic Pro Drone
24fps + 48fps slow-motion
Easy 6' Jib + Dana Dolly


Agency: Serif Creative

Dir: Doug Joseph

Producer: Steph Snyder

Technical Editor: Liam Bruce

DP: Josh Emerick

Drone & Swing: Nick Mammone

Studio Stylist: Angela Joseph



1-Day on-Location

2-Days in studio


We work to create a partnership over being a vendor.

We want a stake in our partner's success project to project.

Our emphasis on storytelling is in long-term, consistent video that interconnects and strengthens our partners.


This helps us build a more sustainable partner and leads to our win-win-win scenario goals.

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